Your car or truck’s transmission is one of the most complex systems in your vehicle. That is why going to an experienced auto shop for transmission diagnostics and repair is important. Delta Auto Care specializes in automatic & manual transmission repair in Las Vegas since 1993.

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Service Your Transmission

It doesn’t have to happen very often so, remembering to get your transmission serviced isn’t always easy. But, to keep your car running well it needs to be done. It is important to change the fluid and standard manufacturer recommended intervals (usually about every 35,000-50,000 miles). Just like needing to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles to keep the engine smooth and prevent pricey repairs later on due to poor maintenance.

Repaired Automatic Transmission with gears showing

Transmission Replacement

No one wants to have to do a transmission replacement, and many times it can be repaired. But, when it can’t don’t you want to work with experienced professionals?

Replacement stick shift for manual transmission

Transmission Repair

The transmission keeps your vehicle moving. If it starts to slip or fail, get it repaired immediately at or transmission shop. Delta Auto Care specializes in repairing all kinds of transmissions.

Clean gears in car transmission

Transmission Rebuilding

Keep your car or truck running smoothly. The transmission is a critical part of vehicle safety and longevity. Don’t spend money on a new one if we can help you rebuild your current transmission!

Fluid and Filters

There is a lot of stress on the transmission of your vehicle. Transmission fluid can get gritty material in it that will wear down the metal gears. This combined with very high temperatures that are often more than a hundred degrees hotter than your engine will break down the transmission fluid which can cause more damage and efficiency loss because it doesn’t effectively cool or lubricate the transmission.

The transmission filter is another important piece of the puzzle and is often overlooked by some repair shops. The filter keeps dirt and small shavings of metal from entering the transmission and fouling up the gears. Making sure it is working properly is critical.

Transmission Repair

Transmission repair can be avoided with proper maintenance. Particularly in Las Vegas where the dusty and hot weather, along with the stop and start traffic put more stress on the fluid and transmission. You can minimize significant transmission repair by getting it checked and serviced regularly. At Delta Auto Care, our certified technicians will examine the health of your vehicle and recommend a course of action to make it run smoothly and stay healthy.

Certified Mechanics

Transmissions require specific expertise and diagnostic tools because of their complexity. It can save you money and time if you bring your car or truck into a transmission expert who can properly diagnose the problem so you know if it is in fact something wrong with your transmission and if it needs a simple repair, an overhaul or to be completely replaced.

Delta Auto Care is dedicated to providing excellent, competitively priced services for all of your auto repair needs. If you are in Las Vegas and have transmission problems or need to get your transmission serviced, come see us at our nearby repair shop. We do transmission repair and replacement and also provide full auto repair services.