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Why You Should Get Your Timing Belt Changed

In the late 1970s, car manufacturers started looking for ways to make cars lighter and less expensive, and one thing that they did was replace old-style chains with timing belts. Belts are light and quite durable, but they do break and they do loosen over time so they will need to be replaced periodically to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

What Are Timing Belts For?

Timing belts keep the car’s camshaft and crankshaft turning properly. The crankshaft is used to move pistons up during the exhaust cycle, and the pistons will then move down during the power and intake cycles. The valves need to open at the right time, otherwise, the fuel may fail to enter the cylinder, or may get out through an open valve, reducing the power of the engine.

When Should a Timing Belt Be Replaced

Traditionally, drivers were advised to replace their timing belts every 60,000 miles to avoid problems. The wisdom has started to change now as technology improved and people are being advised to wait until the 100,000-mile mark. It’s a good idea to check with your vehicle’s manufacturer.

There are some signs that you might need to replace the belt

If you hear noise from the belt, then that’s a warning sign of potential belt failure. If the engine misfires or you can hear vibration then it is worth getting the timing belt checked. With old-style chains, it was obvious when there was a problem because the chain would ‘chatter’ as it loosened, and this noise was loud enough to be noticed. Timing belts will sometimes make a similar, but milder, chattering sound, but the sound is nothing compared to the sound that you would get from an older chain.

A good time to get your belt replaced is if you are getting other vehicle service work done. Some jobs, such as replacing a water pump, will require the cover and belt to be removed as a part of the job. It’s not ideal to replace a belt that has been removed, because belts stretch over time and it is hard to get the timing set exactly right with an older belt. Since labor is a huge cost of getting a pump replacement done, why not get a new belt and have it sorted out at the same time?

Replacing the timing belt will help to avoid a lot of common engine issues, and should make your car run much more efficiently.