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Regular Oil Change Is A Performance Necessity

Getting an oil change is one of the inexpensive yet essential automotive upkeep practices done in auto repair shops. Most mechanics do advise car owners to learn how to do basic checks that determine if their car needs an oil change. In light of that, we have highlighted several crucial things that we believe are a must-know when it comes to this essential automotive maintenance practice.

How Often Should The Oil Be Changed?

The standard recommendation for this is after every 3,000 miles. However, the recommendation may be subjective because of other factors such as the type of car, the demands of the drive, how a person drives, among other things. Some car models can do 7,500 miles before needing the change while others will do more than that when using synthetic oil products. The safest bet is to comply with information about oil change in the owner’s manual and to do an inspection once every month.

How To Tell It Is Time For The Change

The following will help you know if your car needs new oil.

• Check the dipstick.

The dipstick is located in the bonnet somewhere next to the engine. Always take out the dipstick and wipe it clean and dipping it back and pulling it out for an accurate reading. The dipstick has markings that identify a “max” and “min” level.

• Check for contaminants.

The oil, if fresh, will have a transparent light brown color. If it is dark, then may be time to replace the oil. However, it turning black does not mean it is dirty but that it is doing its work. At times, the oil may not be black, but it may have some grittiness, which you can determine by taking some of it off the dipstick and rubbing it between the thumb and forefinger. You should change the oil if it feels coarse because that means it is dirty (has contaminants).

• Take note of the dashboard oil change reminder.

Most modern vehicles have a warning light that flashes on the dashboard to alert you the next oil change is due. In most cases, the indicator is a reminder set as per the manufacturer’s oil change interval recommendations.

Other notable signs of the need for the oil change are:

• Loud knocking sound from the engine

• Smoke instead of vapor coming from the exhaust

• The smell of oil inside the car

Know The Different Kinds Of Oil

When it comes to oil change, using the wrong kind can hamper the engine’s performance. Auto part stores have oils for new cars, specific purposes, higher-mileage vehicles, high-tech engines, and heavy-duty oils. All of these can be made as a synthetic blend oil, full synthetic oil, conventional oil, or premium conventional oil and high-mileage oil all with a wide range of viscosities. Check the owner’s manual to know what the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. A good mechanic can help you too.


Changing the oil at suitable intervals is perhaps the most imperative maintenance when it comes to vehicle performance. When you are ready for an oil change, stop by Delta Auto Care and let the experts do the dirty work.