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Kelly McCoy-Hebert

The Importance of Getting Your Car’s Electrical System Checked

Your car’s electrical system is an essential part of your vehicle. We don’t think of it much – most people would think of cars as being all about petrol and gears – but the electrical system has a vital role to play. When you switch the ignition, it’s the electrical system that makes the car start. It’s the electrical system that pulls power from the battery and sends it to the starter, which triggers the spark plugs to get the fuel burning in the first place. The alternator sends electricity to the battery and keeps it charged. The battery powers the A/C, your radio, your lights, etc.

It’s important that you have your vehicle’s electrical system serviced regularly. One of the key tests that mechanics will do for you is to give your system a load test. This will ensure that the vehicle is able to generate enough power to run all of the parts that are in the system. The mechanics will check the alternator and the battery and will examine the electrical connections to make sure that they are safe and not liable to short out. The battery will be examined to make sure that it is free from corrosion and that the contacts are clean. The alternator will be cleaned to ensure that dirt, grease, and dust are not clogging up any important areas.

You should check your battery regularly to make sure that it is fully charged, especially as the cold weather starts to approach. If your battery is struggling to hold a charge and to start your car, then you should replace it. It’s tempting to ignore minor issues with the electrics, but that occasional difficulty in a cold start can quickly turn to stalling, failure to start more often, and even difficulty handling the car under certain circumstances. Your electrical systems affect the functioning of your car in a lot of different ways, and the sooner you get the system checked, the less likely it is that the problem will be anything serious. Replacing a battery or a spark plug is a lot less expensive than replacing more sensitive parts that have blown, or parts that were damaged because your battery leaked acid.

Book your car in for an electrical service with our team of expert mechanics today, and you’ll have the peace of mind that it will serve you well for many long road trips to come.