Today’s cars and trucks depend on a complex network of electrical components. Communication of sensors via wires integrate into the vehicle’s onboard computer system. If that connection is disrupted, it can affect how your automobile functions. Because of the complexity of the electrical systems, it is best to have a seasoned auto electrical repair specialist do the work.

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Electrical System Specialists

Delta Auto Care mechanics can get your car checked out and do any repairs needed to keep your car in top running condition. The best technicians have years of well-rounded training to become an auto electrician. We have the correct diagnostic equipment to analyze your vehicle right the first time and can recommend a proper maintenance regiment.

Are you having problems with an alternator or misfiring starter? A dead battery? Not sure? Come into Delta Auto Care for any auto electrical repair and maintenance needs.



There are several types of starters – pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric. They all have the same job. The starter initiates the operation of your engine. If the starter develops a problem, then you may not be able to start your car or truck. We have the right experts to quickly get your car running again.



The alternator converts energy generated by the mechanical means of moving motor components into AC electricity. For a small lightweight item, the alternator has several things that can go wrong such as the rotor shaft, cooling fans, several terminals, and slip rings. When this fails, power is not produced and the voltage regulator can stop working so your battery doesn’t stay charged



The battery powers your ignition system, automotive lights, and the starter motor. Batteries deteriorate over time and need to be replaced, especially in the hot climate of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Regular testing and replacement will help keep you from having to jump start your car in the morning!

Signs you may have an electrical problem with your car or truck

Dead Battery – If your battery dies after being parked for a while, it could mean you need a new one. But, it also could mean there is something wrong with your alternator, wiring, regulator, or some other short.

Battery Light Is On – The only reason this light shows up is if there is something wrong with your electrical system. Even if it turns back off, you need to get your vehicle in and checked out right away.

Turn Signal Doesn’t Blink – There are a couple of reasons this may happen and it is usually a quick and simple fix.

Power Windows & Mirrors – This is a common problem and buying a new regulator or motor is not always required. Get it inspected properly so you don’t buy something you don’t need.

Burning Electrical Smell – This is generally due to melting components and wiring of the electrical system. You need to bring your automobile into us immediately to get this repaired.

Some Other Electric Repair Services We Can Help With:

  • Ignition Switch
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Battery
  • Light Problems
  • Short Circuit
  • Power Window and Lock
  • Steering Column
  • Horn Repair
  • Instrument Panels

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